About Michael Rainwood - Making The Unknown Author

After my second record was recorded and released, ‘I want it All’, it climbed to the billboard charts with the help of Bill Wence, one of the best radio promoters in the industry.   While everything seemed to be heading in the right direction, personal issues took me away from music for some time.  Seven years later in the middle of the night,  I was woken.  The Lord began to speak to me, “I am the Unknown Author”,  I command  you to go back into music.  I wrote the song ‘Unknown Author’ that night and began fighting with the Lord.  I told him I did not want to do music on a professional level and I would need more songs for a complete album. 

I called my friend Chris Patti, and he said, “book the time in the recording studio and the songs will come.”   Chris also felt the Lord was leading this project.  The songs did come and although I physically wrote them all, in my heart I know that they were all inspired of God.   The album was written and recorded within 90 days of the first song ‘Unknown Author’.  I learned that the ‘Lord is the Captain of My Ship’, ‘I’ll Never Be Alone Again’ and ‘I Will Be a Song for Jesus’ and as long as ‘I Hear the Breeze Whisper’,  I will write it down, sing it and record it so as many who want to listen will hear.  And if it brings ‘One More Child of God’,  ‘To Behold The Man’, or if someone realizes, ‘It’s Not a Far Cry to the Lord’ and they go from ‘Prison to Praise’ and ‘Feel  Safe in the Arms of Jesus’ it is an affirmation God is using me as an instrument to his glory.

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